Indianapolis Home Remodeling Pricing


Your house is a lifetime investment and the place you call home. Knowing the scope and estimates is imperative for you to make an informed decision.

Remodeling and Renovating Costs

When we begin working with a new client looking to begin a remodeling project, one of the first questions is always the same: how much will this cost? Our job as expert contractors is to provide an estimate, and to help clients understand the wide variability of renovation and remodeling projects.

We have over 25 years of working experience, and we can tell you with certainty that no two projects are ever exactly alike. However, we get it; in order to determine if renovation or remodeling is right for you, you’ll need a cost estimate to begin planning.

The estimates below should serve as a good starting point, and help you understand the necessary costs (and benefits) of an investment in your home.

Starts between $30,000 and $50,000

  • Sink, appliances and walls remain where they are
  • Cabinets are updated or existing cabinets can be painted
  • Includes new countertops, sink, and faucet
  • New backsplash with basic tile

Starts around $80,000

  • Includes wall removal
  • Sink and appliances may be relocated
  • Lighting may be upgraded (including recessed and under-cabinet lighting)
  • Cabinets and countertops replaced (maybe granite or quartz)
  • Sink, faucet, and garbage disposal replaced
  • Flooring replaced
  • Tile backsplash replaced

Starts between $15,000 and $25,000

  • New vanity, cabinetry, countertop, sink
  • Location of fixtures stays the same
  • Tub or shower replaced
  • Flooring replaced
  • Sink, toilet, faucet, and shower faucet are replaced

Starts at $50,000

  • Fixtures and walls remain in place
  • Cabinetry replaced
  • Countertops replaced
  • Tile in shower is replaced
  • Shower door is replaced (if applicable)
  • Flooring is replaced

Starts around $70,000

  • Relocation or removal of walls
  • Relocation of fixtures
  • Cabinetry and vanity storage replaced
  • Countertops are replaced (granite or quartz)
  • Tile in shower is replaced (can be custom)
  • Glass shower enclosure is replaced
  • Tile flooring is replaced

Starts at $80,000, but will vary based on size

  • Light is a priority
  • Designed to blend with your existing home design
  • Includes new flooring
  • Typically includes heating and cooling

Starts around $50,000


  • Designed to match your home
  • Can include a deck or concrete slab floor
  • Can include screen or remain open
  • Customized ceiling options

Starts at $70,000, but costs vary widely

  • Extra space provides increased livability for your family’s needs
  • Fully integrated design to seamlessly flow with your existing home.

Starts around $50,000

  • Basements can be one of the most affordable spaces to remodel in your home
  • Can include an additional bathroom or bedroom
  • Can include additions like a wet bar, billiards, or game area
  • Costs can vary depending on existing plumbing and foundation slab

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