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Our straightforward process from start to finish

Our Personalized Process

A home renovation or remodeling project can feel both exciting and daunting. It’s easy to get inspired by looking at beautiful pictures of finished projects, but what’s next? Where do you start? How do you estimate costs and find professionals to do the work? Approaching a contractor can feel intimidating, especially if you feel unsure of the industry terms and vocabulary. That’s exactly why Modern Touch Contracting offers a custom, tailored process that meets your unique needs.

Our step-by-step process is designed to lead you through the journey of creating your ideal home renovation. We understand that balancing style and feasibility can make anyone anxious, so we’re dedicated to easing your worries and keeping things simple. We are here to explain, suggest, and direct your project from design to construction. We’re general contractors, so we employ in-house professionals rather than handing off work to subcontractors, and the result is a seamless process that gets done expertly and efficiently. You’ll be involved in each step as we ensure that things get done right the first time.

Phone Consultation

We believe that it’s essential to talk it out. Articulating your desires and needs in a phone call helps us get the project started on the right foot. It also helps you relax and begins building our partnership. For no cost to you, the client, our phone consultation includes:

  • 20-30 minutes of time to get to know you
  • Discussion of scope and expectations
  • Discussion of approximate budget and timeline
  • Deciding if you’re ready to move to the next step

Here’s where we’ll get the sense of what you’re working with, and what you’re dreaming of. We’ll help you articulate exactly what you want your finished project to look like, and how quickly it can happen. We ask clients to send us any pictures, drawings, or inspiration that could help us narrow down the vision prior to the phone consultation. If we both feel ready, we’ll move on to the next phase, and schedule a visit to your home.

On-Site Visit

Once we’ve developed a vision, we’ll need to visit your home to really get our hands dirty. The on-site visit is a prepaid consultation visit. We’ll walk through your space and see your needs and requirements. During the on-site visit, we’ll:

  • Measure out the area if necessary
  • Take on-site photos
  • Establish a preliminary budget

During our visit, we’ll nail down details so you understand the investment of money and time. Here’s when we’ll ask and answer specific questions to hone in on what the process will entail. After we’ve gathered the information, we’ll head back to flesh out the design and cost to present you with a more detailed and precise estimate and timeline.

Design Development

At this stage, we are under contract and a down deposit (10% of the contract) has been made. We will move from a broad vision to precise details. You’ll finalize the design, choose materials, and we’ll hammer out the nuts and bolts of the construction timeline. During design development, we’ll schedule a selection meeting and provide:

  • Choice for materials (i.e. cabinetry, tiles, etc.)
  • Finalized details for construction
  • Finalize budget – within 10% of the actual cost

After the selection meeting, we will gather the arrival time for all material before establishing a project start date. Once the project start date is set we can move into the construction and invoicing phase. Keep in mind there is always room for flexibility, and that every project will present some variables along the way. We’ll keep you informed as we go.


We offer general contracting services with a definitive edge. Modern Touch Contracting includes an extensive team of professionals; most people needed to get the job done actually work directly for our company. Since we manage our crews in-house, timelines can be much tighter and more efficient. There’s typically no need to subcontract and coordinate other crews. We’ll handle everything – from permitting to contracting – from start to finish. We take all the details off your plate and put them onto ours. During the construction phase, we will:

  • Begin ordering materials
  • Schedule professionals for each stage; Modern Touch employs its own crew and rarely subcontracts
  • Begin work
  • Establish a detailed timeline for completion

The first step?

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