Mapleton-Fall Creek Basement Finish

Mapleton Fall Creek Basement Finish




The Vision

The homeowners of a century-old home near downtown Indianapolis in the Mapleton and Fall Creek area wanted to build a small efficient apartment for their aging parents.

The Solution

The basement originally had a very choppy layout and uneven flooring. Modern Touch Contracting (MTC) came in and demo’d a blocked wall to create an open space. The open space gave the homeowners more square footage to build a full kitchen, living area, laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom. MTC was able to problem-solve the unleveled floor issue near the bathroom and bedroom area with the plumbing. The area was unleveled and through their insight and experience, the team was able to level the floor to contour the concrete. Our team experts were able to implement some cost-saving methods by combining the bathroom and laundry room as one large room to minimize plumbing costs and applying black paint and recess lighting to the ceiling. Some cool facts about the project are MTC custom fabricated steel rails to the basement door entrance to prevent tenants from falling and installed repurposed kitchen lighting that was part of the Hoosier Dome (a little historical nugget).

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