6 Signs It’s Time for a Kitchen Remodel

signs kitchen remodel - beautiful modern kitchen with white cabinets

The promise of a new kitchen can be very exciting for homeowners. Kitchen remodeling can be a great way to add value to your home, and it can increase functionality and convenience in your daily life. 

However, it is a significant investment of time and money, and it’s important to think carefully before you begin. How do you know when it’s time to remodel? Let’s talk about the signs that let you know it’s time for a kitchen remodel.

  1. Your Kitchen Is Too Dated

Styles come and go, and some color and material choices will inevitably begin to look tired, but if your kitchen is full of design choices that have become painfully dated, it’s likely time to remodel. 

Open shelving is a great example. It had a moment of extreme popularity, but in the end, it can be difficult to keep items clean and dust-free. In 2022, home owners will be gravitating back to traditional cabinets that feature neutral tones and the occasional glass door. 

Colorful kitchens (especially those featuring trendy DIY touches like stick on mosaic tiles) will also begin feeling dated in 2022 as neutrals make a comeback. If you’re looking to create a space that feels fresh and modern, consider natural materials like stone when it comes to tile and backsplashes.

  1. You’re Not Moving Yet, But Want to Increase Home Value

An updated kitchen can attract buyers and up your home’s value, but a kitchen remodel is a significant monetary investment. If you’re doing a complete kitchen remodel, expect a 50-55% ROI at the closing table.

You’re ready for a kitchen remodel if you’d like to increase your home’s sale price in the future, but also want to benefit from a more functional space in the short term. This allows for a double benefit both now and later.

  1. Your Current Kitchen Lacks Functionality

It’s important to live in a space you love. If the layout or style of your kitchen is preventing you from enjoying your home and entertaining friends and family, it’s likely time for a remodel. 

So much happens in the kitchen, and it should be easy to prep, cook, and clean up. Older design choices can leave the kitchen cramped, with little counter space.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a way to avoid costly and inconvenient relocation; instead, you can create a space that works for you in a home you already love. 

  1. Your Appliances Are Old

Though good appliances should last a long time, they do eventually need to be replaced. Typically, appliances will begin giving out around the same time, especially if your kitchen was remodeled in the past and they were installed at the same time.

If you’re finding more than a few of your appliances are approaching the end of life, buying them together as part of a larger remodel can actually reap big discounts. This can be a great opportunity for your kitchen revamp.

  1. You’re Financially Ready to Invest In Your Remodel

No matter how beautiful your kitchen remodel may be, it’s not worth taking on more than you can reasonably afford. It’s important to calculate the potential cost of renovation and discuss your budget with your contractor.

Once you’ve determined that you can afford to invest and will enjoy the increased functionality and updated appliances, it’s probably a good time for a kitchen remodel.

  1. You Want a Kitchen That Reflects Your Personal Style

You might just want a new look, and that can also be a good reason for a kitchen remodel. We spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, and it should be a space that sparks joy. 

Spend time looking at inspiration photos to create a vision. You may want to change the cabinet colors, add a kitchen island, change out an ugly backsplash, or install updated lighting in order to bring your dream kitchen to life.

As you choose new elements, think about how they will age throughout the next 10-15 years. While your colors and materials should reflect your taste, they should also have some staying power…or you might be looking at another remodel before you’re ready.

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