Small Bathroom, Big Style: Design Tips for Maximizing Limited Space

Small Bathroom Design tips - navy cabinet with white marble top, walk in glass shower

Small space doesn’t have to limit creativity… even when it comes to your bathroom. With thoughtful design solutions, even a tiny bathroom can become a chic and beautiful oasis. Today, we’ll walk through some tips to help you stay efficient, maximize space and achieve the stylish look you desire. 

1. Opt for Light and Bright Colors

If you’re working with a small floor plan, choose colors that create the illusion of space. These include whites, light grays, or pastels. Incorporating these colors into your walls, tiles, and fixtures can have big benefits for increasing an open, airy feel. As a bonus, reflective surfaces like mirrors or tiles can help, too.

2. Maximize Vertical Space

If floor space is limited, look upward. Choose a tall, narrow storage unit for toiletries or towels, install floating shelves above the toilet or sink, or add hooks higher up the wall. These methods can allow you to store items without adding clutter.

3. Choose Compact Fixtures

There are plenty of options for space-saving fixtures, so choose one that enhances your space without taking up too much room. A corner sink, a wall-mounted toilet, or a slim-profile vanity can all fit the bill. If you’re really feeling the squeeze, consider a shower rather than a bathtub. 

4. Utilize Multifunctional Furniture

Select furniture that serves multiple purposes. Add a mirrored cabinet above the sink to both see your reflection and store additional items. A vanity with drawers or shelves underneath can store toiletries, cleaning supplies, and towels.

5. Incorporate Glass Elements

Glass elements can add functionality without crowding your space. Consider a glass shower door instead of a shower curtain, or try clear glass shelves that blend into the wall behind them. Glass can make a small bathroom appear much more open and airy.

6. Optimize Lighting

As always, natural lighting is best. If you have a window in your small bathroom, enhance it with airy curtains or slim blinds that let sunshine through. Accent lighting around the mirror can brighten the space without adding too many elements. 

7. Keep It Simple and Clutter-Free

When too many items litter the countertop, it can make a small bathroom feel even smaller. Choose tidy storage solutions to help keep items neatly contained in the vanity or cabinet, and pick a few attractive accessories to display. A small plant, a piece of art, or a stylish soap dispenser can add a touch of style without additional clutter. 

8. Personalize with Textures and Patterns

Don’t be afraid to get creative in your small bathroom. Choose a few statement elements – like a textured wall tile or a patterned floor – to add interest without making things too complicated. Be sure to balance any bold elements with plenty of neutral touches to give the eye a place to rest. 

Consult the Experts

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