Top 10 Master Bathroom Must-Haves

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Your master bathroom isn’t just about getting clean – it also provides a unique opportunity. A luxurious, indulgent space lets you relax in peace and quiet. With a well-designed master bathroom, you can enjoy spa-like amenities in the comfort of your own home. What are master bathroom must-haves? We’ll break down the top five elements you should include

1. A spacious shower

Master Bathroom Spacious Shower with glass french doors

One of the top master bathroom must-haves is a roomy shower. Elevate the space with a walk-in shower, and choose from a variety of tiles and patterns to make it your own. Ask your contractor about options for glass doors; there are many styles to pick from. Include extras like double shower heads or a bench to give the design even more style.

2. Dual vanities

Wynnedale Indianapolis Bathroom addition - white double vanity

When it comes to master bathroom must-haves, choose dual vanities to facilitate plenty of space for everyone. A longer counter provides more options for storage and allows multiple people to get ready simultaneously. Dual vanities with increased storage can provide a 2-3% increase in your home’s value.

3. Large bathtub

Indianapolis Best Bathroom Remodeling Company - European bathroom - soaking tub and custom floor to ceiling tiled shower with glass doors

One of the best parts about a master bathroom is the opportunity it provides to relax. If you’re choosing master bathroom must-haves, opt for a large tub that allows for bubble baths and peaceful soaks. A full body soak results in many health benefits such as massaging your joints and muscles and calming the nervous system.

4. Plenty of storage

Custom Bathroom Storage

Choose a vanity or free-standing furniture option with lots of room for robes, fluffy towels, and bathroom products. When you’re considering master bathroom must-haves, make sure you have the space to keep everything! At Modern Touch Contracting we can create customized wall shelves that can easily divide spaces in the bathroom.

5. High-quality fixtures

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Ensure that your master bathroom is equipped with fixtures that will hold up well to daily use and look in harmony with the rest of your decor. Though you won’t likely choose fixtures that subscribe to very specific trends, you should choose ones that won’t clash with the rest of your room.

6. Lots of natural light

Indianapolis Bathroom Addition - white vanity

When possible, a master bathroom must-have includes sunshine straight from the source. If you have the option to widen windows or increase the impact throughout the room, it’s a great way to make a big impact. Natural lighting contributes to cost-saving because you do not have to use as much power. In addition, natural lighting in bathrooms provides health benefits by providing a great source of vitamin D, boosting your mood and improving focus for the day.

7. A private toilet area

Avon, Indiana (near Indianapolis) - Basement remodel with Bathroom addition with brown tile backsplash

Many of the master bathroom must-haves include elements that help make the space more useful to multiple people using it at the same time. A private toilet area lets one household member use the facilities while another applies make-up at the vanity.

8. Heated floors

Bathroom marble hexagon tile

We think heated floors can definitely be a master bathroom must-have, particularly in cold climates. It’s one of the best ways to add luxury to your space and increase comfort year-round. Yes, heated flooring can come at a high cost, but the energy savings, comfort level, and resale value will be worth it in the end.

9. Mood lighting

Indianapolis Bathroom addition - wicker light fixture

Install multiple lighting sources and dimmer switches to customize the experience and help create a specific ambiance in your master bathroom. Lighting is essential in creating a relaxing mood after a long day’s work. Light therapy can help shift moods and calm the nervous system. 

10. Customizable controls

Avon, Indiana Master Bathroom Remodel - European bathroom - stand in shower with master ensuite

Add temperature controls and other features to the shower or bathtub to create a truly luxurious experience. With customizable controls, you can start the shower before getting out of bed. This is a great bonus for those who struggle with early wake-ups.

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