How to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

How to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger - White Kitchen

A cramped kitchen can pose a challenge for homeowners. When expanding your kitchen square footage isn’t an option, you can still get creative and find ways to make your small kitchen feel bigger.

In this post, we’ll talk about some proven methods to make the most of your small kitchen, increase functionality, and maximize the space you have. Fortunately, these techniques allow you to create a meaningful improvement without the investment and time of a full remodel

Use Paint

White paint can reflect light and create the illusion (and feel) of more space. When you’re choosing paint colors for a small kitchen, consider several different shades of white to add variety and visual appeal while still maintaining an open, airy atmosphere.

If white paint feels flat, use crown molding and cabinet detailing to keep things interesting. Recessed panel cabinets use clean lines to create visual variety.

Open Outdoors

If possible, install french doors to breathe new life into your small kitchen. If you live in a temperate climate, offering outdoor access from your kitchen provides additional options for seating and relaxation.

Air circulation is a big added bonus in this scenario! Even in cooler temps, french doors can allow quick ventilation of cooking odors and oven heat and keep the cook comfortable.

Replace Cabinet Doors with Glass

If you’re reasonably confident that you can keep your cabinets organized, a glass front is a great way to visually add space to a small kitchen. 

When the front door is transparent, your eye is drawn past the door and all the way to the back of the cabinet, making the room feel bigger. 

Choose Minimalist Furniture

Opting for small furniture in a small kitchen is pretty intuitive, but don’t forget that minimalistic furniture can increase the feeling of space even more. Choose a table and chairs with narrow legs and clean lines.

The less furniture crowds the room, the bigger it will feel. Scandinavian-style furnishings can provide a great alternative to more ornate, traditional options.

Try a Trim Hood

Rather than opting for cabinets plus a hood above your stove, consider using just a cleanly designed hood on its own. If your hood is small, it can open up the space above your appliances, drawing the eye upward and creating the feel of more square footage.

Blend Countertops and Backsplashes

Choose the same material and pattern for both your countertops and backsplashes for a smooth, cohesive look that will expand the feel of your small kitchen.

Black and white or gray and white color combinations increase the optical illusion, as well, but make sure any pattern in your natural stone doesn’t get too busy, which can add a cluttered feel.

Weigh Your Choices

Not sure whether you should opt for a full remodel or other choices like these to open up your small kitchen? Consider your budget, and talk with a professional contractor to create some estimates for the work you’re contemplating.

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