Kitchen Remodel FAQ’s

Indianapolis Kitchen Remodel Questions

When you’re considering a kitchen renovation, you likely have a variety of questions. Determining if a remodel is right for you is a highly personal process, and it takes many factors into consideration. 

It helps to have some professional guidance to answer your questions up front, before you begin the investment of remodeling your kitchen. Today, we’ll be tackling some of the most common questions we hear from clients about a potential kitchen remodel.

Q: How long does a kitchen remodel take?

A:  Timelines can vary widely. If your kitchen just needs an update, things will move more quickly; if it needs to be gutted, it will take longer. However, it can be helpful to estimate five or six weeks from start to finish. When working with your contractor, ask for estimated timelines for design, for ordering, and then for construction. 

While a contractor can have lots of control over design and construction timelines, supply chain issues can greatly impact the time it takes for materials to arrive. This is a particularly important issue in 2022 and beyond. 

Work with your contractor to understand typical timelines for your particular materials. Keep in mind that unforeseen difficulties can always impact the time your remodel will take.

Q: How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

A: As with many home remodels, the answer varies. Some kitchen remodels include cabinet updates and a paint refresh, while others are much more extensive and involve replacing appliances or changing the layout. 

When we work with clients, we use two categories: a kitchen update and a major kitchen remodel. A kitchen update often costs between $30,000-$50,000, and a major remodel begins at $80,000. 

Take stock of your kitchen and determine what you’ll be replacing, what you’ll be upgrading, and what will stay. All of these aspects factor into the price. 

Before you begin your remodel, be sure to have a clear and honest conversation with your contractor. Providing a budget before you begin the process can help guide each decision and keep your partnership sound.

Q: What are the best kitchen remodeling ideas?

A: When you’re ready to get inspired, look for remodels that start with kitchens similar to yours. Often, a kitchen remodel is designed to maximize space. If you’re hoping to make your small kitchen feel bigger, there are various techniques, such as paint color and exterior door installation, that can do just that. 

Online resources like Houzz can help you filter sample kitchen remodels to include features you like. You can easily customize your starting point and ending point with details like counter material, the number of islands, and more. 

Once you’ve begun shaping a vision, begin working with professionals to understand how your dream might be executed. You’ll need to understand the unique limitations of your space in order to create a realistic plan.

Q: How much will a kitchen remodel add to my home value?

A: Depending on the extent of your kitchen remodel, the value added to your home can vary. However, you can expect approximately 50-55% ROI at the closing table. 

Kitchen remodels can provide a significant return at resale, but they are also an investment for you, the homeowner. It’s helpful to remodel your kitchen when you’re still planning to enjoy the new space for a bit before moving.

Q: Is remodeling a kitchen worth it?

A: This is a highly personal question. It’s helpful to understand the reasons that you may want to remodel your kitchen, and the results you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re working with a kitchen that’s very dated, too small, or not functioning well for your needs, it could be worth a remodel.

A kitchen remodel is a significant investment, but one that can bring dividends to both your quality of life and your home’s resale value. Think about your unique situation. What improvements will a remodel bring to your everyday experience in the kitchen? Are you looking to move soon? A quick turnaround between remodeling and resale won’t always yield significant monetary benefits, and it helps to remodel before you’re ready to move.

Q: How often should you redo your kitchen?

A: Remodels should be driven by factors that need to be changed. If you’re interested in an updated look or increased functionality, a kitchen remodel could be right for you – regardless of when the last remodel was completed.

As with any remodel, you’ll be investing significant time and funds. Remodels should only happen when the benefits of the new kitchen justify the investment.

We’re Prepared to Begin

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